Jeremiah Frei-Pearson for Assembly

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Protect our environment and fight climate change

Jeremiah understands that we are facing an unprecedented, man-made climate crisis. Our planet is warming, ocean levels are rising, and clean water is becoming scarcer. Fossil fuel companies continue to pump harmful emissions into our atmosphere and many of our natural treasures are being suffocated by pollution and plastics. In challenging times like these, New York needs visionary leaders who not only understand and believe in science, but also have a track record of leading on environmental issues.

As Chair of the White Plains Sustainability Committee, Frei-Pearson has brought community members together to improve our environment. During his chairmanship, the city of White Plains has:

As an attorney, Jeremiah has helped take on major polluters. He has obtained settlements requiring oil companies to clean up spills and requiring car companies to provide honest fuel efficiency information.

In the Assembly, Jeremiah will use these experiences to improve our environment by implementing many aspects of the Green New Deal at the state level and by advancing other common-sense solutions. Jeremiah will lead the charge on creating aggressive carbon emission reductions, making our state a model for the rest of the nation on how to create a sustainable future. Understanding that 2050 may be too late, Jeremiah would push for New York to deploy vast resource overhauls to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035, instead ofthe 2050 target set by last year’s already impressive law. This includes investmentin solar, geothermal, and wind energy. Along with the continual implementation on emission reduction limits in line with the NYS Climate Leadership And Community Protection Act of 2019.

Jeremiah understands that green policy can often directly improves our economy. Jeremiah will work to modernize our transportation systems to improve on a modern green economy. To do this, he will build onDavid Buchwald’s work and increase the number of electric and hybrid vehicles operated in our state’s public transit systems. Jeremiah understands that transportation solutions will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions, and that the best way to reduce the number of vehicles on the road is to invest in worthwhile, efficient, and affordable public transportation. Additionally, Jeremiah supports increasing the number of pedestrian-only walkways and bike lanes in urban areas, both as a matter of public policy and as a way of improving our environment. More locally, Jeremiah will work to bring a centralized composting location to Westchester.

As other progressive leaders have pointed out, the climate crisis presents opportunities for those willing to seize on innovation. By taking the opportunity to lead on climate issues, New York will position itself to lead the 21st century American economy. If we invest in solar, geothermal, and wind energy now, we can create an economy that runs on 100% renewable power. These measures slash consumer and business energy costs while simultaneously creating tens of thousands of good-paying, green jobs. Jeremiah believes that we will work together to save our planet and also improve our economy.